Water and Sewage Cleanup JANESVILLE

Reliable Water and Sewage Cleanup Services in Janesville

Water and sewage backups and flooding is a common problem for the residents of Janesville, and the surrounding areas. These services are considered an emergency because they can’t wait. The sooner you get it fixed, the better. More than damaging your home or business, water, and sewage backups and flooding can expose to a lot of health hazards. That’s why we are here to help you get rid of this problem ASAP.

At G&G Rooter LLC, our water and sewerage cleanup services are available 24/7. You can call us for emergency service even at night, and we will respond instantly. We have the training and experience not only to clean up water and sewage but also to get rid of the bacteria and germs off your property. We will clean up the place and disinfect it to ensure your safety.

3 Main Categories of Floods

There are three common categories of contaminated water we often deal with. The first category is clean water or potable water. This is water from a clean source such as a burst pipe or faulty tap in the house or business facility.
The second category is gray water. This is contaminated water from the washing machine, kitchen sink, dishwasher, bathroom and so on, but does not contain feces.
The third category is black or brown water. This also be sewage. These are contaminants that can cause severe illness if you a surrounded by it and it’s not cleaned up.

Common Causes of sewer backup

There are several factors that could cause sewer lines to back up

Here are 3 common causes of sewer backup.

Solid flushes: This is one of the biggest causes of sewage backup. Some of the objects that people flush down the drain and end up blocking sewer lines include toys, towels, sanitary pads, and food fat, among others. These items usually cause very stubborn clogs in the waste line.

Structural Damage: Sewer pipes joint can detach or develop cracks. This allows corrosion to build up and roots can possibly get in the sewer pipe, and the result is a stubborn clog. It is a common problem with aging sewer lines.

Root Blockage:Root blockages are common in areas that have trees. When a tree root accesses the inside of the sewage pipe, it grows fast because of the high nutrition in the sewage.
No matter the cause of water and sewage flooding, we have expertise and experience to deal with it. For the water cleanup, we will extract the water and fix the leak. For the sewage, the process includes extracting sewage, disposing of contaminated objects, dry and disinfect affected areas.

If you need water and sewage cleanup in Milton, WI, and the surrounding areas, contact us at (608) 247-9371 for a free quote. We do not charge you extra for night and weekend calls!